Payment Services


All Sana’s payment add-ons are used to integrate with third-party payment service providers. These payment providers are outside of our control. Therefore, Sana cannot be held responsible for them. Sometimes companies change some features of their payment solutions or even stop supporting the API that is used for integration with third-party products like Sana Commerce. This may lead to the fact that the add-on may stop working because the API is no longer supported by the payment provider. Of course, we try to keep track of the API support policy of the payment providers we support and make the necessary decisions in advance. Despite this, if you want to use some payment add-on, we recommend that you first contact your Customer Success Manager or Project Manager and clarify its compatibility with your Sana version and whether the API is supported by the payment provider.

Operating internationally you may face the country-specific or bank requirements of extra fields added or recognized by Sana Commerce, which may be a subject of extension or customization.

There is no doubt that you cannot go without a payment service when it comes to running an e-commerce business. A payment service is a mediator between an online store and a payment system or bank. The main task of a payment service provider is to process payments and transfer funds to the merchant account using secure internet connection.

Choosing a payment service for your online business is crucial. The payment service must be reliable and must satisfy your business needs now and in the future. And we have such a payment service provider – Sana Pay – this is the payment add-on recommended by Sana for any type of the webstore. Sana Pay provides a consistent and convenient payment experience for the Sana webstores integrated with Microsoft Dynamics or SAP.

In addition, Sana integrates with a wide range of various payment services, such as:

Each payment service supported by Sana intends to fit different businesses, for example, payment services can support different countries, currencies, provide a bunch of features, take different approaches in securing data and continually updating their security measures. You can analyze the payment services supported by Sana considering all these factors and select the one which is the most suitable for your online store and satisfies your business needs to the fullest.

This section provides the detailed information about all payment services integrated with Sana. It will give you a small insight into each payment service, also you will learn what should be configured on the payment service’s side, how to configure payment service in Sana Admin and how to create payment methods.