Sana Commerce Cloud Release Cycle

Deploying software updates is critical to maintaining stability, integrity, and security of Sana Commerce Cloud. It also allows customers to benefit from the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Sana Commerce Cloud is a SaaS solution, thus frequent releases is one of the main benefits. We release a new version of Sana Commerce Cloud every two weeks, including new features, improvements, bug fixes and security enhancements. Sana Commerce Cloud Framework release includes the webstore and Sana Admin, but it does not include the ERP connector or add-ons. Sana Commerce Cloud, ERP connectors and add-ons are released separately from each other.

Please note that only the standard Sana Commerce Cloud projects will automatically receive updates on a regular basis. Unfortunately, custom projects cannot be automatically updated to a newer Sana version because customizations are done in the Sana core code. If all customizations can be done using the extension points of Sana, you can still receive updates automatically.

How does the automatic upgrade process work for standard projects?

Once a new release comes out, we first run the required tests to make sure the new release meets all our quality standards. Before updating our customers’ Sana Commerce Cloud installations, it’s critical to test a new product version. At Sana, we have a phased rollout which means that not all installations get a new version instantly. It usually takes two weeks after the release date before a new Sana Commerce Cloud version is deployed to the beta and production environments of our customers.

These phases are called deployment rings. Each deployment ring should reduce the risk of issues by gradually deploying updates starting from the internal Sana environments and ending with the production Sana environments of our customers.

Does Sana have an early adopter program?

Yes, we have an early adopter program! Customers who are involved in the early adopter program get a new release usually one week after the release date instead of the standard rhythm of two weeks after the official release date. This can be enabled for your beta and/or production environment.

If you are interested in this program, please contact your Customer Success Manager or your Service Consultant. You can always go back to the regular release cycle.

How do I know that my webstore is being upgraded?

We will always send an email notification upfront when a webstore is being upgraded to a new version. If your Sana Commerce Cloud webstore is standard (without customizations) and you do not receive these emails, please contact your Service Consultant.

Where can I find the release notes?

Each Sana Commerce Cloud release always comes with improvements, such as new features, performance, security or SEO improvements, and bug fixes. We always publish the release notes on our help site in the What’s New? section.

How do I know which Sana version I have?

You can find your current Sana Commerce Cloud version in your Sana Admin, at the bottom of the admin login screen, or in the bottom left corner after logging in.