Sana Commerce Cloud SDK

The Sana Commerce Cloud SDK is used to make customizations to the product. Customizing Sana Commerce Cloud using the SDK means abandoning SaaS and thus no automatic upgrades. Before Sana Commerce Cloud 1.0.43, we always released the SDK together with the standard Sana Commerce Cloud product. This meant that customizations could be started from any version of the standard software up to release 1.0.43.

Long-Term Support (LTS) Releases

As of release 1.44, we’ve slowed down the release schedule of the Sana Commerce Cloud SDK. From 1.44 onwards, we are releasing the SDK every 8 weeks instead of every 2 weeks. Such releases are called Long-Term Support (LTS) releases. The SaaS release schedule remains unchanged (bi-weekly).

The main reason for this is our commitment to our Product Support Policy. We promised to actively support each release of Sana Commerce Cloud for 3 years after its release and passively support it for 2 years after that. This policy applies only to the SDK, because customers using the standard product are always on SaaS and therefore always get the latest fixes through automatic upgrades to the next release every two weeks.

If we continued to release the SDK together with each SaaS release, the total number of releases to long-term support (active & passive) would be 130. This is an unrealistically large number of releases for long-term support. Therefore, we had to slow down the SDK release schedule. According to the new schedule, there will be 6 SDK releases per year.

Sana Commerce Cloud SDK releases can be found on the SDK downloads page (partner access only) on our Sana Community website. There is also a trick to quickly calculate if a version/release is an LTS release with an SDK available. Take the release number from the version (for example, the release number from version 1.53 is 53) and apply the following formula:

(<release number> - 44) / 4 = X

If the result of X is a whole and non-negative number, it is an LTS version for which the SDK release is available.

For more information, see Release Schedule for 2024.

Sana Commerce Cloud SDK Version

As of release 1.44, we changed the version scheme of Sana Commerce Cloud. The software version usually consists of 4 digits separated by a dot (.). Before version 1.44, the old version scheme was:


The first two digits (1.0) were reserved and didn’t have any meaning assigned to them. The last digit was only shown in Sana Admin, so administrators could see if they had the latest hotfix.

Starting with version 1.44, the new version scheme is as follows:


The first digit remains reserved and still doesn’t have any meaning assigned to it. The release and hotfix digits are shifted one position to the left. By default, the last digit will be zero (0) for the standard product. This digit can now be used by developers to track their own customizations to the product using SDK, which was not possible with the previous version scheme.