What’s New in Sana Commerce Cloud?

When we launch a new version of Sana Commerce Cloud or our Sana add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP systems, alongside with any Sana release we provide release notes. It very briefly describes new features, improvements or any other changes that we think can be interesting to our customers and partners, but not all.

Almost every Sana Commerce Cloud release brings a lot of technical enhancements, minor user interface changes, performance and security improvements, and bug fixes which are barely or not at all visible in the user interface and thus are not documented in the release notes.

Using release notes, you can understand the current state of the Sana Commerce Cloud product, see past releases and release versions. It also serves as a history of everything we do.

While release notes provide relevant information about new features and improvements, it’s not a substitute for a user guide or other in-depth product documentation. All changes in our products are documented in detail in our user manuals.