Sana Apps

Sana Commerce Cloud (Sana Admin and webstore) and all Sana apps (add-ons and language packs in Sana Admin) are released separately from each other.

We release a new version of Sana Commerce Cloud every two weeks. But we don’t have a specific release schedule for our add-ons.


What can you expect?

  • New add-ons
  • Updates to the existing add-ons with new features, improvements and bug fixes

We release new add-ons and updates to existing add-ons when they are implemented, tested and are ready to make them available to our customers. Sometimes new add-ons or certain changes to existing add-ons require some changes to be made to our core Sana Commerce Cloud product. Thus, some add-ons are available only from a specific Sana Commerce Cloud version. We always point this out in our add-on manuals. Our SaaS customers have nothing to worry about as they automatically receive updates on a regular basis and always run on the latest version of Sana Commerce Cloud. Those customers who have custom Sana projects should keep this in mind, as they don’t receive updates automatically. If your Sana webstore has customizations and you want to know more about backward / future compatibility between Sana Commerce Cloud and Sana add-ons, please contact your Sana project manager.

All new add-ons and changes to existing add-ons are tested against the latest Sana Commerce Cloud version available at that time.

Therefore, we strongly recommend using the latest versions of Sana Commerce Cloud and Sana add-ons.

You can check for new Sana apps or updates for existing apps in Sana Admin and on our support website. When we release an update of an existing add-on, users can see the Update button and the version of the add-on that we have released.

Language Packs

When we release a new version of Sana, all webstore language packs are automatically copied from the previous Sana version. This means that you must also update all installed language packs to the latest version. You can do this manually or automatically using the Update language packages task.

When we release an update of a language pack, users can see the Update button and the version of the language pack that we have released.

If we release some new features that are shown in the webstore and there are some new webstore interface texts, they will first be available in the primary language which is English. Translation of new webstore interface texts into other languages can take up to several weeks as we work with third-party translators. Until then, texts that do not have translations will be shown in English. You can also translate them yourself using the in-site editor or page elements & messages in Sana Admin.