Sana CMS - Made for Content Editing and Design

Flexibility in content creation and design are weak points of many e-commerce solutions. It is extremely expensive in terms of money and time to invest in an e-commerce solution, content management system (CMS) and designers to build a professional webstore which looks great.

Don’t lock yourself into any layouts and don't limit your imagination with Sana's content management system. It is an all-in-one page builder and visual editor or visual designer which enables you to create well-structured and beautiful content without the need for a designer or any technical knowledge. You can work with any layout and content you can dream up.

We re-imagined what a content management system should be in an e-commerce platform and created the one that can be used by content editors, marketers, designers, and developers.

It is designed to be an easy-to-use tool that empowers all teams working with webstore content and design. It supports the creation of content elements and pages with branding in a fast and visual way.

Sana’s CMS allows business users select from a series of predefined layouts and create their own layout using the 12-column grid to design a page. The users add the content elements they need, such as text, images, banners, sliders, videos, store locator, newsletter, product set, etc., place them on a page as they want, and populate them with relevant content.

Rows and columns where users add different content elements can be also styled using different options, such as background settings, borders, margin and padding, alignment, and animation.

When you add or edit content elements you immediately know how your page will look when you are done. You see the page in the editor exactly how your webstore visitors will see it, just without other webstore elements, such as webstore navigation, header and footer.

Content editors or marketers can copy any content elements on a page with a single click and re-use them.

You can change the position of any content element on a page simply by dragging and dropping it.

Once the page has been assembled, no matter whether you have added all content elements or only a few, you can preview it on a webstore.

You can schedule when certain content elements should be shown on a page and preview the page to see how it will look in the webstore at a specific date in the future.

It is also possible to assign customer segments to different content elements, so they are only shown to certain groups of customers.

Sana’s content management system is designed to make your life easier. It helps you create great content, design and launch your webstore quickly. When you create a page in Sana, you don’t just fill it with content, you also create its design with no code, just mouse clicks.

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