Sana and Lookbook


The Lookbook content element is available as an add-on. It can be installed from Sana Apps. In Sana Admin click: Apps > Add-ons.

It might happen that you don't have permissions to install Sana Apps, for example if you have a customized project or it was disabled by a webstore administrator intentionally. In this case, you need to contact your Sana partner or project manager.

Lookbook is a content element which can be added to the web pages (content pagesproduct and product list pages) and system pages of the Sana webstore. Using the Lookbook content element, you can create multiple clickable hotspots or regions on the image linked to your products.

For example, if you are selling household equipment or furniture, you can make a photo of a living room and place hotspots or you can draw regions on a sofa, table, carpet. This approach is also very popular in the fashion industry where you can add hotspots to various pieces of clothing in a photo. Such dynamic experience does not only increase customer engagement but also makes your brand really stand out.