Our company has many teams working on different parts of the Sana Commerce Cloud product, Sana ERP connectors and add-ons. Sana Commerce Cloud integrates with seven ERP systems. Moreover, with the release of our new Sana Commerce Cloud product, we have also introduced a software development practice called continues delivery. Now we release a new version of Sana Commerce Cloud every two weeks.

With all the features and improvements in Sana, ERP systems and add-ons, it can be challenging to keep track of what’s new and what’s coming soon. That’s where the Sana Roadmaps come in:

Roadmap is a visual way to combine information from different Sana teams and projects and share it with our customers, partners, prospects, and anyone else who is interested in what’s planned and what’s coming.

Please note that the Sana Roadmaps are used to shed light on our plans and vision, and you can use them for informational purposes only.