Roadmaps & Feedback

Our company has many teams working on different parts of the Sana Commerce Cloud product, Sana ERP connectors, and add-ons. Sana Commerce Cloud integrates with seven ERP systems. Moreover, with the release of our new Sana Commerce Cloud product, we have also introduced a software development practice called continuous delivery. Now we release a new version of Sana Commerce Cloud every two weeks.


To keep track of the development of all the features and improvements in Sana, ERP systems, and add-ons, we created the Sana Roadmaps. The following links show you the roadmaps of what’s new and what’s coming soon:

Roadmap is a visual way to combine information from different Sana teams and projects and share it with our customers, partners, prospects, and anyone else who is interested in what’s planned and what’s coming.

If you want to learn about the new features and improvements we release in each Sana Commerce Cloud version and our Sana add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP systems, check out the What's New section.

We are hopeful that the following roadmap information can shed some light on some of Sana Commerce’s product plans, but it is important to understand that this is being shared for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, not as a binding commitment.

However, we can offer some guidance on how to interpret our roadmaps. Sana has multiple development teams working at different sprint cycles and there are always many unknowns that challenge us when building Sana Commerce Cloud.

Considering this, we would like to communicate the below so one can get an impression on how likely a feature will be delivered and when.

  • In Progress - The Product Team intends to deliver this feature in the short-term. Dates of delivery may vary due to the size and complexity of the item. Such items are currently being worked on.
  • Up Next - The Product Team intends to deliver this feature in the medium-term. The Product Team still needs to investigate, refine and estimate the work required to deliver the feature. Such feature is not yet being worked on.
  • Future - The Product Team intends to deliver this feature in the long-term. Such feature acts as an indication on the product direction.


We use multiple ways to gather input for decisions on the roadmaps. The product team looks at the trends in the e-commerce market, the latest developments in software and technology, and gathers input from our customers. We regularly speak to customer representatives in the company and at customer events. We also offer a direct way to share your ideas with us, on our roadmap and feedback platform. The links to the roadmaps above also lead to the Ideas section.

There you can see all the ideas that have been already submitted by other customers. Before submitting your own idea, it’s worth looking at existing ideas: yours might have already been submitted! The platform allows you to vote for any idea you like. The more “likes” an idea has, the better insight it gives our product team about its popularity. If you can’t find your idea, you can submit your own idea. You can describe your idea on the right side of the Ideas section.

You can follow your favorite or submitted ideas to keep up to date with any changes. Click on the idea you like or have just submitted, then click Follow and enter your details.

Reviewing Ideas

Every submitted idea will be reviewed by the product team and will not be visible in the Ideas section. The goal is to review submitted ideas every two weeks. The product team evaluates them on how clearly and decently written the idea is, and whether it has already been submitted. After that, it will be published. If it is highly unlikely that the idea will be considered for implementation within a year, it will not be published. When it is published, others can vote on the idea. If the idea is unpopular after 6 months, it will be archived. You will not be notified of any changes if you don’t follow the idea.

Submitting an Idea

The product team must understand what you want to achieve. This way the product team can compare several solutions for a similar problem or outcome submitted by our customers. If you submit only a feature, the product team will not take it into account. Therefore, please use the following format:

As a (person/role/function) I want to (action), so (result/outcome).


As an e-commerce manager, I want to provide accurate shipping costs to my customers, so they have the right expectations of the total cost of the order.

It is important to check whether your idea has been already submitted. If yes, vote for that idea. We look forward to seeing the ideas you have!

Sana cannot be responsible for purchasing decisions based on these roadmaps because ultimately, the development, release, and timing of any products, features, or functionality remain at the discretion of Sana Commerce and are subject to change or revocation.